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Auspicious Definition & Meaning

Auspicious adjective /ɔːˈspɪʃ.əs/ •     Something that is auspicious indicates that success is likely. Our first meeting was hardly auspi...

Dev 25 Nov, 2023

Circumscribe Definition & Meaning

Circumscribe verb /ˈsɜː.kəm.skraɪb/ Word forms : 3rd person singular present tense circumscribes , present participle circumscribing , ...

Dev 1 Jun, 2023

Get on someone's nerves idiom meaning

Get on someone's nerves idiom •     If someone or something gets on your nerves, they irritate or annoy you. Dua's really getti...

Dev 14 May, 2023

Equivocal Definition & Meaning

Equivocal adjective /ɪˈkwɪv.ə.kəl/ •     equivocal statements have more than one possible meaning and are made in order to avoid saying...

Dev 23 Apr, 2023